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"Cosas De Material De Desecho"

Long Hair Styles

Long hair styles usually work well with any hair type, be it straight, curly or wavy. However, it looks the best if the locks are medium-textured or thick. So it is better to skip the lengthy look if you have fine hair or a long and narrow face. Of course, the best hair styles of long hair are those that use limited preparation time. The multiple ponytails style is a very popular long hairstyle.The multiple ponytails style consists of three base ponytails, but it is possible to have more ponytails if interested! Once the basic style of three ponytails is mastered, which normally takes ten minutes, you can improvise on it! If you plan on just having three ponytails, newly washed hair is great; but if you plan to add knots or braids, it’s better to work with hair that is not so soft. The hair has to be brushed to remove knots and tangles. Then all the hair from the top of your crown has to be picked up and separated into three even sections. Some hair from the ears below has to be left loose to flow around your neck.

Each ponytail then has to be smoothened into separate mini-ponytails, and secured with either a hair bungee or elastic hair band. Once the basic multi-pony look has been achieved, you could use different braided or knotted styles. You could create multiple ponytails where no hair is left to flow down your back. Another choice is to have all the different ponytails coiled up and pinned on top of the crown to get a beautiful up-do of braids. You could also braid the center of the multi ponytails and leave the side ponytails unbraided. Then you could pin jeweled hairpins at the top of each ponytail, or experiment with different color scrunches to cover the elastic bands.The variations with long hairstyles are endless. They are limited only by the amount time you invest in experimenting with different hair styles – and by your imagination. By Kevin Stith

Cosas De Material De Desecho

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