20th October 2014
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4 Stunning Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2014

There are simply too many highlight options to suit your needs who have dark brown hair ,it is the reason why you are truly blessed .However , you will still need to choose the perfect color and type for your highlights just because not every person compliments with each and every color .You have to complement your highlights with the color , or tone ,of your locks and also skin .It is certainly not that difficult to get highlights for dark brown hair at home ,however it is safer to look at the following highlight ideas for dark brown hair to avoid you from having poor hair days. 

Dark brown hair with golden highlights  
To highlight your hair with golden brown color ,you need to pick a level 8 blond hair coloring and also 30 volume peroxide to create a pigment of gold color .

If you discover that your highlights are extremely golden ,you can still tone your too golden highlights with an ash-based semi-permanent color .It is 

best when you select the ash-based color 1 level lighter compared to the 
color which you applied before to create your own golden highlights .

golden highlights for dark brown hair

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights 

One of the most widely used highlight nowadays is caramel highlights for dark brown hair .You should really try this out .When you’re bored of your dark brown hair, caramel highlights are the best way to make a change.

Caramel highlights are ideal for both straight or curly hair ,however they are extremely hot on the curly types.When you place the shade all over the ends of your curls , your locks are going to stun the people who are around you .

caramel highlights for dark brown hair

Dark brown hair with red highlights
If your organic hair color is dark brown hair ,except you wish to have funky hair with highlights ,there is no need to be concerned simply because most women with dark brown hair enjoy natural highlights .It is far better to start over with reddish color for your highlights therefore you are going to be surprised with the tone against your skin including an auburn highlights . 

red highlights for dark brown hair

Dark brown hair with honey highlights

honey highlights for dark brown hair

You can consider to straighten your dark brown hair with honey caramel highlights.For you that have straight hair, the caramel color blends naturally with your dark brown hair.

Convivencia Para Colorear

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