22nd October 2014
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4 Pretty Cute Ombre Hair Color Ideas For 2014

I’ve found plenty of incredible ombre hair ideas these days ,all of these help to make me wish to get some ombre hair of mine ! It’s not only relating to pastel-colored hair ;ombre hair normally takes on quite a few ,many forms ! And also the good thing is it really works for everyone hair lengths and textures .
So listed below are the 4 perfect ombre hair ideas to try this season !


Ombre hair

Dark Ombre Hair

Instead of two preferred shades ,you will find 3 ! I really like the blonde ideas ,however you can go with any specific lighter shade ! 

ombre hair

Katty Perry 

It is a little bit of a wilder 1 among the ombre hair options ,but when you will have the courage to get it done – give it a go ! It will need a lot of maintenance , however you’ll look absolutely wonderful .Go ahead ,dye away ! 

ombre hair

Red Ombre Hair

I adore this burgundy and blonde look – it’s probably the most beautiful ombre hair ideas I’ve find ! It’s an awesome way to combine 2 natural shades into 1 look .If you’ve tend to check out getting a redhead and a blonde ,why not try it all in one shot ?

ombre hair

How about chestnut brown and platinum blonde ? Just make sure to consult your hair stylist.

ombre hair

Rainbow Ombre

Lauren Conrad generally has the ideal beauty tips , and a while ago she published a number of fantastic ombre hair ideas ,rainbow idea being one of these ! 
I do believe this will work great with lighter hair ,therefore the beautiful pastel rainbow shades will show up .This look is lovely isn’t it ? ! 

ombre hair

rainbow ombre hair

Contoh Daftar Isi Kliping

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