22nd October 2014
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"Como Hacer Una Maqueta Con Material Reciclable"

4 New Hair Colors For Spring

Want to switch up your hair color this spring ? We rounded up four flattering new hair color shades for spring 2014. From blond hue to sombré locks, take a look at the most up to date hottest new hair colors for spring to find out which one works right for you.
Follow and get inspirations from what celebrity does, as their picture is made by colorist and stylist who catch the most trendy latest hairstyle and hair color type which is a great concept to have a new hair color by following what superstar does.


SOMBRE is Spring new hair color trend.Sombre stands for subtle ombre hair ,which means ombre with softer transition.Celebrities change hair colors to ombre or sombre for public glances, attracting many consideration and eyes.It’s a much less drastic approach to try an ombré look;the gradation of color isn’t as extreme and truly stunning on brunettes,adding golden honey hues which are  super complimenting. 

sombre hair celebrity

Sombre hair color with curls

Platinum Blonde 

Blondes are going from warm golds to iced-out ,almost nearly silvery hues.
If you got a light,cool skin tone, this look will be just right for you, too.
Silvery champagne shades are the must to take a look this season for blonde.

medium platinum blonde hair color

Violet Glaze

Medium skin tones look nice in violets.Medium brown or lighter is the most efficient hair color to begin to reach this mild violet hue.

Dark Brown hair color with violet glaze

Golden Copper 

golden copper hair color

Golden copper and champagne colored shades are appropriate for redheads this spring.Copper red are just perfect.

Como Hacer Una Maqueta Con Material Reciclable

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