22nd October 2014
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"Como Hacer Un Ecosistema Con Materiales Reciclables"

Easy Weekend Wear Style 2013

Happy start of the weekend!!! It should be a good one. I’m attending the Blogger’s Beauty Night Out with Gentri Lee on Saturday Night and since I have the cushy banker’s schedule I have Monday off for Veteran’s Day. LOVE three day weekends! Especially since I work Saturdays.
So here’s a pretty casual weekend look for you. This blazer has become my very favorite since I picked it up on vacation last month. Emerald green is one of my favorite colors ever! I love these socks too, just don’t tell anyone they’re kids socks! Haha.
Also, forgive my camera for making me look whiter than a ghost! The fading sun mixed with harsh flash is no good for my already pale complexion.
So if you didn’t check it out on Wednesday, here’s my Intro Post on Flock Together! I’m so excited to be part of the group! I’ve been having way too much fun wearing all these cute girl’s clothes, can’t wait to share how I styled them.
Well, have an AMAZING weekend!! I’ll be trying hard to do the same!
Oh, P.S. Do you like the new background? I’ve actually been trying to switch it over for quite some time but had a bit of a glitch. Allison of Shy Scout was kind enough to help me figure it out! (she designed my header a while back) She’s such a life-saver!

Como Hacer Un Ecosistema Con Materiales Reciclables

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