22nd October 2014
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"Como Hacer Disfraces De Ovejas Para Nios"

Current Trends in Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyle is the most desirable trend amongst women because of its versatile and dramatic appearance. The kind adds lot of motion, texture, and volume to any hair length and can effectively be incorporated with various styles to deliver different effects. Following are some of the current trends in wavy hairstyles that are incredible stunning:

Hair Color or Hair Highlights

Coloring or highlighting is an excellent option for wavy hairs as it adds a natural shine and glamor. There are many products that are available in the market to add this extra shine to the natural hair. It can be either a highlight or a lowlight; both the cases maximize the appearance of gentle undulation of waves.


Layers look great on long hairs and when blended with waves it delivers an extremely dramatic appearance. Natural glamor of the hair becomes more charming and attractive with layers. It completely depends on personal choice and preference whether to keep heavy layers or light but with waves light layers are most appropriate.

Loose Waves

Loose waves are produced using hot styling products. There are hair straighteners that can be used for the purpose. It looks amazingly beautiful when the straightener works without the brush to give a look of loose waves. After using the styling tool, fingers can be passed through the hair to further loosen the waves.

Short Waves

There are people who find it difficult to manage long hair or long waves. For them short waves are the best option as it is easy to manage and style. It does not require much of time and effort but only a few seconds with a hair straightener or just fingers. Blow dry damp hair and pass fingers through the hair to give the look of striking short waves.

Headband Attraction

There are many women who often use headbands or hair bands to keep their hair tied up. On some it looks good but on some it just becomes a fun factor. But a well known fact says that headband looks great on wavy hair. Anyone with any hair volume and length can try putting a headband and see the effect it leaves on waves. The band set at the crown will give an outstanding appearance.


Wavy hair looks gorgeous with an updo. Hair can be tied at the top of the head in the form of an updo using bobby pins, small beads, or other decorative pins. It hardly takes a few of them to give a complete look of a dazzling updo. To give it a more shiny and striking look, hair jewels can also be added.

By Jennie Kakkad

Como Hacer Disfraces De Ovejas Para Nios

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