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"Como Conservar El Ambiente Colorear"

Hair Color for Black Women 2014

Inspired by styles throughout the years, hair color for black women has developed to get a sort of self-appearance and also a magnificence beauty practice. Women across the world make use of hair color like a tool for showing their personality and masking imperfections problem they usually face. Since African American hair seems to be naturally dry, it is crucial to realize some important guidelines about the hair coloring best practice,which can assist to avoid hair damage as well as effect in the color of your desires shades.

hairstyles for black women

Consider the Types of Hair Color
There are numerous sorts of color formulated to switch your hair derived from one of shade to a different. Though many of these formulations are generally secure to work with different types hair.

  Color Rinses: Color rinses are soft,easy to use.Ammonia- and peroxide-free hair rinses are generally create depth and extra shine.Best for those who don’t have time and energy to go salons frequently.
It is secure and safe to maintained at home.The idea must be reapplied every few weeks and so.  

 Temporary Colors:Temporary hair colors continue until your next wash or shampoo.Just like rinses,they cannot lighten up hair and are totally substance/chemical-free.

 Semi-permanent Colors:Semi-permanent colors increased benefits of longevity. The color used to place on hair ,then “sealed” with heat from a dryer for 30 minutes. Again, these colors are also chemical-free.

 Demi-permanent Colors: Demi-permanent colors consist of a little amount of peroxide, but usually do not include ammonia. For that reason, they are unable to lighten the hair, but they can improve the natural color and handle grays effectively. This type of color will last through a minimum of 24 shampoos/washes.

 Permanent Colors:Permanent color presents a major change and makes use of both ammonia and peroxide. The color does not wash out and only fades as the hair grows out.Best applied by a professional hair stylist.

Hair Color Options for African American Skin Tones
There are many brands of hair color, those designed specifically for African American hair usually produce the best results for your skin tones.
Dark skin tone women should complement your skin tone,so choose hair colors in the dark / medium-light brown, burgundy, or jet black zone.
Opting for vibrant reds, pinks, purples, blues,bright blond shades give off an unprofessional vibe where no one will take you seriously.
Hair color ideas for dark skin tone women
Experiment every hair color except those don’t border on wacko (blinding colors of the rainbow, that is).
Best hair color options are brownish red, dark brown, and plain black or try
Hair color ideas for light skin tone women
Do not opt for bright colors in any hue unless they’re in the brown, blond, or red category. Warm tones of these shades will soften your facial features.
Best Hair Color for Black Women
Vivid colors are incredibly favorite stylish trends in hair color for black women.A number of shades are preferred:


Copper is an sun kissed shade that is much more natural than a fiery red and right away produces a warm, complementing look.
Best shade – burnished or burnt.

hair color for black women
Subtle hints of gold will create new depth to dark hair.During the summer months,best hair color for black women,because it gives a refreshing, light aspect to your locks.
Best shade – Honey or yellow gold.
honey blonde hair on black women
During the fall and winter, shades of red hair are specially well-known and best hair color for black women.
burgundy hair color for black lady
Best shade – Rich and deep hair color such as burgundy and warm wine. A hint or purple can add an edgy twist to the look.

Como Conservar El Ambiente Colorear

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