23rd October 2014
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"Centro De Mesas Para Fiesta De Jake El Pirata"

Men’s Hair Trend of 2014

Slicked back hair with shaved sides and an undercut back has dominated the runways and magazines since last year. The trend is still going strong, especially for men with wavy, curly, and thick hair that benefit from significant pruning. This clean cut yet edgy look isn’t going anywhere but has constant variations depending on personal style. This style will sit through at least the first quarter of 2014.

Well, even Brad Pitt ditched his locks for a clean shaven slicked back look to make a come back for this season.

Next up, we are getting an update for the shaved sides of the undercut this spring. Rather than shaving the sides clean and leaving just the top long, this update requires shaving the hair afew inches from the hair line all around. It can be a dramatic contrast or a gentler fade into the hairline. This is a clean cut look that can be paired with any hairstyle of your choice. It also grows out easily when you’re ready to make a change.

Not a shiny high top pompadour, but the tousled, perfectly imperfect balanced spot in between. It’s the quick style for a guy to quickly sweep the bangs off his forehead and to have his hair arrange itself into a photo-ready coif. The classic side parting is a definite winner for the business world that brings out the gentlemen in every guy, a timeless style that keeps the aging stars like George Clooney and David Beckham looking ever young. It is sure to make the younger personalities like Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake appeal to female crowd.

This hairstyle has always stood the test of time. Jon Hamm of ‘Mad Men’ wearing the side part perfectly is a classic example of it.

Well, these are the current trending haircut you can go for during this festive season. All styles doesn’t suit everyone so be sure to choose the one that suits you best and are comfortable with. 

Centro De Mesas Para Fiesta De Jake El Pirata

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