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Men HairStyle Tips 2012 – How To Spike Curly Hair For Men

Men HairStyle Tips 2012 – How To Spike Curly Hair For Men.

The spiked style of hair has increased in popularity as a favored hairstyle for men. This option is considered convenient in terms of maintenance among those with naturally straight strands but can be difficult to obtain for individuals with curlier locks. The following tips can provide a guide on how to spike curly hair and maintain this trendy look.

The process for a sleeker appeal begins with washing your tresses. Be sure to use shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed for wavier strands in order to provide extra protection against drying out and styling damage. It is best advised to include lightweight products for improved manageability and flexibility where cleaner strands are also easier to style.

Products which do not contain creamy contents will give curlier tresses a lighter feel and provide straighter strands which will be easier to transform into spikes. Once you have completed the process of shampooing and conditioning, rinse and simply pat dry with a towel. Do not completely dry your locks at this point but keep the strands fairly moist for improved manageability.

Use a wide toothed comb or larger hairbrush to untangle the strands and remove any frizz from developing. Narrow toothed combs should not be used in thicker, wavier hair as it simply causes damage to the locks. Remember to only untangle longer tresses when you have added moisture to it as attempting to comb through thick and dry locks could prove to be difficult and cause considerable breakage.

While the strands are still moist apply a fair amount of gel or wax that is designed for thick and curlier tresses. Depending on the appearance you desire, remember that gel will give your locks a wet look whereas wax will provide a matte appearance. Only use very small amounts of product on the strands as too much gel or wax will contribute to a rigid appearance.

Ensure even coverage of product through your locks as this will further contribute to a more natural appeal even providing the hair with some body and movement. The spiking process can occur once the gel or wax has been distributed evenly and involves using your fingers to create smaller spikes. One may also use a wide toothed comb to brush the strands in an upward motion for short spikes which will also appear more natural.

If larger spiking options are desired, simply place a small strand in between the fingers and proceed to twirl each piece into the determined shape. One can also limit the number of spikes on the head by placing a fair amount in the front and leaving the lengthier back area smooth. The length and number of spikes that an individual desires is completely dependent on personal preference and style.

Once you have obtained the desired look, to remove excess moisture go over the tresses with a blow dryer. Be sure to adjust the hairdryer settings to a low heat and blowing option to allow the style to settle and then add a spray in order to keep the locks in place. The process of how to spike curly hair is simple for obtaining a trendy hairstyle for men.

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