30th October 2014
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"Caritas De Nios Campesinos Para Colorear"

Stylish Haircuts for 2008

A new year is here, and what better than to start it off with a fresh new stylish haircut! Of course, you’d want an en vogue stylish haircut. So, let’s look at some of the professional haircuts that are going to be trendy for this year!

The year starts of with subdued colors

Bright hair color and curls are replaced by haircuts with darker tones this winter. Highlighting is more subdued with a preference for glossy hair and smooth stylish haircuts.

More controlled curls

If you like to retain your curls, then switch to one with more controlled curls. Have your curls look sleek and smooth. Perhaps a bottle of shine or smoothing cream can help your stylish haircut look more defined.

Long and layered are in

If you have long hair, then long sleek hair with a fringe is in. Again smooth and sleek are all it takes for this style. In fact, with long straight hair, you can easily turn your hairdo for a more formal occasion with large bouncy locks and curls. A curling iron is all takes to do the trick, topping it off with a shine spray!
Another trendy haircut for long hairstyles is the layered long cut. This is particularly effective too for shoulder length hair. Layers around the face and the fringe help to frame the face. Peek-a-boo bangs are also great for long hair, especially if it goes with a long sleek look. Hair with a slight volume, loose layers and maybe even a natural wave would do nicely for 2008 stylish haircuts.

It’s all about short bobs this time

If you want a short stylish haircut, then it’s all about the bob hairstyle this year. Posh Spice has made this popular with her swept fringe bob. Bobs with side sweeps are also popular, while pointy ends is great to create that playful look. Alternatively, textured locks with slight waves are a great variation, should you decide to for a sweet stylish haircut.

Bobs can also be adapted for medium or shoulder length hair, by adding hair volume to the haircut. These stylish haircuts can be achieved with a combination of wavy large locks and layers, with bangs that are side swept or full wavy bangs that cover the forehead.

Finally, if you don’t want to cut your hair, you can try out some easy ways to create your own seductive hairstyle.

Photo Source: Hair inspirations & beauty

Caritas De Nios Campesinos Para Colorear

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