1st November 2014
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"Buho De Graduacion Vector"

Make a Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Hairstyle

Make a Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Hairstyle

Steps :

  • Step 1 & 2 : Take freshly washed and slightly damp hair and pin at top of your head. Take a small section and start roling the hair up to the root. then pin the hair useing Tin Foil.
  • Step 3 : Once you finish the bottom sectio, release a new section from the pinned hair and continue as before. Do this until all the hair rolled and Tin Foiled in place.
  • Step 4 : Use a flat iron to press each roll flat.
  • Step 5 : as your taking the tinfoil off if toy notice that you forget to press one of the rolls simple pin it back up and press before letting it out again.
  • Step 6 : spritz on a little hair spray and you’re done!
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Buho De Graduacion Vector

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