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"Batalla De Arica Dibujos Para Nios"


Child development is an issue facing people of every country and nation. This means that parents should constantly teach their children and ensure that they are getting proper education. Child development covers the growth of the child till his adolescence. 

                  Child development
This development is very important for the society because you can make your child a functional and beneficial part of this society by giving proper education and taking care of his development. Debate about child development is resurfaced in every country. It is very important as you can determine which programs are to be initiated with in schools. 

Even toy companies know well that which toys are to be made according to the age as a child of 2 years can not play with video games and letters but a 5 or 6 years child can play with them well.In the development of children, an important and grave question coming in front of us is that why so many children in school age go to start work instead of going to school for seeking education. This question is very old and so its answer is old too. The reason triggered this dilemma is economy crisis. 
Child development

If you have nothing to eat at home then you will go out to search means of livelihood and food instead of studying. This is very serious and very old problem and still we can not find solution of this problem. If we just blame and abuse those people who are using these children for their own benefit and get work for them can do nothing and it is not solution of this problem. 

Child development

We have to educate our society for these poor children. If we establish education societies for these children who provide education for free and along with education, which provide food, cloths, shelter and sport facilities for free, it can be a good and working solution of this serious problem. 

Child development

Working for education of poor children should be essential part of all development programs for children because all those poor children get educated then they will restore sense of dignity and lead a respectable life though they come from financially backward families. 

Child development

If you really want to do something constructive for this purpose then you will have to find those organizations who are working seriously for this purpose and join hands with them as this problem is becoming serious day by day. 

Batalla De Arica Dibujos Para Nios

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