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Thick Wavy Hairstyles

Thick Wavy Hairstyles

Are you tired of wearing your thick wavy long hair? Then, here are some flattering thick wavy hairstyles to suit all face types and ages. While most people with thick wavy hair are tempted to straighten their hair, it can make the hair dull and frizzy. Instead, use hair moisturizers or conditioners to manage your natural curls. Many women think that thick wavy hair has limited styles. That is not true! You can try plenty of hairstyles with your beautiful thick wavy hair. Wavy hair is now one of the hottest trends and you should feel blessed for having natural curly hair. If you have been planning to go for a makeover, there is no denying the fact that changing hairstyles is the best and the easiest way to do so. However, before deciding on which hairstyle to pick, consider the texture and length of your hair, your face shape and body build. If you have a round face, do not go for a short blunt cut. This will enhance the volume of your hair and your face will appear even more round. Instead try to minimize the volume around your face. Go for haircuts that are shoulder-length or longer to weigh down your waves. Here are some popular thick wavy hairstyle ideas to help you get started.

Popular Thick Wavy Hairstyles

Casual Thick Wavy Hairstyle
If you have long hair, part your hair in the middle and French braid it up to your neck and tie it with an elastic band. However, on the last twist of the band, do not bring out all of your hair through the band. By doing this, a loose bun will form near the neck. This hairstyle is great for casual outings.

Wear Hair Long and Loose
If you have long wavy hair, just wear it loose. If you plan to wear your hair long and loose, wash and dry at night. You may use styling cr�me and wear a light bun at night during sleep. Remove the bun in the morning and you will have full bouncy hair. Use shine serum to make your hair shinier.

Evening Updos
If you are going for an evening party, bring your hair to the top of the head and make a large wavy bun. You can use rollers or barrel curling iron along with styling cream to enhance your waves. This will keep away frizzy hair from your face. You can also make the bun at the nape of the neck. For a classier look, keep the bun unkempt, instead of making a neat bun.

Quick Hairstyle
If you are in hurry and looking for some quick hairstyle options, try this. Wash and condition your hair. Use a styling cream and apply generously on the ends of the hair. Allow it to dry. Braid the hair loosely and secure with hair elastics. You can even wear a headband and wear your hair loose. Both these hairstyles are quick to do and you also get to tame your frizzy hair!

Angled Bob
This hairstyle looks good on women with a round face shape. If your hair is too thick, you can weigh it down using a hair straightening product. Do not forget to trim your hair at a regular interval to maintain your hairstyle.

Wavy thick hair adds more volume to your face. If you want to reduce your hair volume, trim your hair with a layer cut.

Medium Length Hairstyle
Long wavy hair often becomes wiry. To give it more bounce and look beautiful, you can get your hair cut to shoulder length. With medium length hair, you can wear a variety of styles, and you would never repent for having your thick curvy hair

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Ah1n1 Para Colorear

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