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"Adornos De Goma Eva Para Comunion"

How to Cut a long Bob Hairstyle – Women Hairstyle

How to Cut a long Bob Hairstyle

Although there are many bobs and way to cut a bob let’s just focus on a typical normal bob which most think about when thinking of a bob.

Step One:

Wet the head completely which typically includes a shampoo and conditioning so all products are removed from the hair. You want to start out most haircuts with a clean pallet to work with.
Step Two:

Section hair into the seven sections of the head – left side, top, right side, left crown, right crown, left nape, and right nape. Leave down about a quarter to a half inch along the perimeter. Starting in front, comb the hair straight in front and determine the length desired. Most bobs are to the chin or somewhere close.

• Important: don’t put any tension on the hair as you hold it and cut. The blunt cut is meant to hang on its own and tension will give you uneven results.

Step Three:

Once that front length is set, you will move to the back of the head. You may use a long comb or a ruler for this next step it’s completely up to you as this will be the line you follow in order to set the cutting guide for the back. Run the comb through the hair to make sure none are folded over or hiding and then, making sure there is no tension; you cut a one inch guide to the desired length. From here we will work from back to front till we get to the front guide.

• Note: Keep your scissors horizontal (flat) as you cut to avoid hills and valleys or better known as unevenness. This of course doesn’t apply if that’s the look you are going for.

Step Four:

Now we start at the nape on both the right and left sides combing them straight down. Then using the previous cutting techniques and guide cut the new parts from back to front, left side then the right or visa versa; just one at a time. Next we repeat this on the left side, right side, left crown, and right crown; repeating the cutting guides and ways as above until all sections are complete.

Step Five:

The crown is next; take it down and part it down the center of the head. Divide it evenly on each side of the head and again cut as before.

Step Four:

After the last cut is made and you are happy with it dry the head entirely. Then use a flat iron to fully complete the style making it smooth and completely straight. If the ends are to much for you just hanging there you can finish with a curling iron applying it to just the ends so they ever so slightly curl under.

Apply a small amount of hairspray if desired. And there you have it the end result should be a simple, sleek style that is timeless and a snap to take care of.

Adornos De Goma Eva Para Comunion

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